Hey, thanks for checking out my blog. 🙇‍♂️

I’m an indie developer who designs and builds beautiful Mac and iOS apps. I have an eye for design and know what it takes to ship an app to the App Store.

My Apps

I’ve shipped several apps already:

Future Projects

I have several projects planned, but simply not enough time. Here are a few that I do think I can get released soon:

A Complete Portfolio

You can find more of my work here: www.ussherpress.com

I’ve built web-based apps as well, using technologies like Node, Elm, golang, React, and vanilla js.

Contact Me

Looking for indiedev tips? Mac or iOS advice? Want to hire me? Here’s how to get in touch.

That Old Blog

My old blog site can be found here www.ussherpress.com/blog

You can find posts on arcade repair, Mac+iOS dev, and more.